About Jessica

     Jessica Petersen started inventing new tricks for old tracks when her son was a train-obsessed toddler. Their adventures inspire her blog, Play Trains!, where she writes about playing and learning (and reading!) with kids who love trains.

     She wrote, photographed, and illustrated OLD TRACKS, NEW TRICKS in her home in Seattle, Washington, where she lives with her husband, her son, and lots of happy wooden train tracks. You can find her on Instagram (playtrains) and Twitter (@j_e_petersen).


Two Debut Interview: Jessica Petersen (5/4/17)
The inspiration behind the digital collage illustrations in OLD TRACKS, NEW TRICKS, why I love writing dialogue, advice for writing your second book, what pen name I’d choose, the most fun job I’ve had (other than being an author/illustrator), and more fun facts.

Will Write for Cookies: Jessica Petersen (3/11/17)
Writing advice I wish I’d known when I started out, a picture book author/illustrator who inspired me during a visit to my elementary school, why I write for children, and the best chocolate cupcakes ever.

Picture Book Buzz: An Interview with Jessica Petersen (3/6/17)
The process (and challenges) of illustrating a picture book with photos, how and why I started writing for children,  my odd imaginary friend as a child, and more!